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Pure Ratios is committed to bridging the gap between Eastern natural medicines and Western scientific developments through CBD & THC products. True to its name, Pure Ratios’ products are free of artificial additives and are enhanced by herbal components that have been proven in natural medicine to both protect the body and provide therapeutic benefits.
Our team of natural, herbal and pharmaceutical experts creates patented proprietary solutions and advanced delivery systems to provide natural and consistent cannabinoids dosing. We offer a unique collection of lab tested cannabis and hemp-based CBD products intended to help manage pain and discomfort through long-lasting, consistent dosing of cannabinoids.




Pure Ratios' award-winning transdermal patch is the first and only of its kind. The patent-pending topical reservoir patch lasts up to 96 hours. Naturally pure, additive free, and water-proof, these patches are perfect to manage pain while living an active lifestyle.

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Pure Ratios' lozenges utilize a patented sustained-release delivery system. Lasting 30 to 45 minutes, this sustained-release allows for more efficient and effective absorption and can aid in eliminating plaque, bacteria, and bad breath. Designed in varying dosages, find the pure lozenge ratio for you!

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Pure Ratios' topical products combine natural herbs and essential oils to synergistically enhance the CBD extracts and provide localized therapeutic relief. Great for aches and pains, our topical products absorb quickly and can be used anywhere on the body.

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Pure Ratios' high potency and therapeutic vapes combine terpenes and honey with CBD & THC oils to create a carefully formulated and great tasting vape. Our vape cartridge can be used in Pure Ratios' pens or your vape pen of choice.

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NFL Champion Reggie Williams

Reggie Williams


Two years ago, when I first heard about Pure Ratios, I was on crutches. I was on crutches after enduring 24 right knee operations to save my leg. After 14 years being in the National Football League my body had simply begun to fall apart. To give you an idea from my toes to my head, I will give a brief breakdown of all of the areas that the Pure Patch natural medicine combined with scientific excellence has created a difference maker in my ability to deal with pain and inflammation.

The Osteomyelitis that I suffered from for several years took away 3 inches of length in my right leg. On top of that, four years ago, the G forces created bone spurs in my baby toes which both had to be removed. It was then discovered that I still had a broken bone in my right foot from 1985 when I was still playing on the Cincinnati Bengals.