About Us

About Us

Pure Ratios was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur, William Conner (Billy), who was heartened by the impact of cannabis-based remedies, but strongly concerned with the lack of accurate dosing available in the existing products on the market. To fill this void, a group of natural, herbal and pharmaceutical experts joined forces to address the challenge of delivering effective, consistent dosing. Two of the product developers, Chad Conner and Hind Conner, have a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine. They are 16-year therapeutic practitioners with extensive knowledge of how the body works and how to create balance. Their experience is met with Pure Ratios’ Chief Science Officer, Frank Kochinke PhD, who has over 30 years of experience in developing patented advanced drug delivery systems.

This combination of multifaceted approaches sparked the common goal of intersecting those methods to deliver cannabinoids into the body’s system more efficiently, which led to the birth of Pure Ratios.

True to its name, Pure Ratios’ products are free of artificial additives and enhanced by herbal components that have been proven in Natural medicine to both protect the body and provide therapeutic direction to the formulation.

Today, Pure Ratios offers a unique collection of lab tested cannabis and hemp based CBD products (Interested in CBD products – Click Here) intended to help manage pain and discomfort through long lasting, consistent dosing of cannabinoids. For many people, Pure Ratios family of products are becoming a healthy addition to their daily lives.

Pure Ratios products are naturally pure, chemical and additive free. Our products are produced from extracting compounds from the entire plant, to capture all of the plants beneficial properties through a proprietary CO2 extraction method.

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What patients have known to be effective medicine for centuries is being confirmed by modern science. Given the means to accurately dose using the cannabis plant, medical cannabis patients can easily mirror therapies shown to be effective in pharmaceutical studies, improving upon the current methods of preparation and administration and pursuing novel options that improve accuracy are the keys to bridging the natural/pharmaceutical divide.

Pure Ratios – Pure Relief.