CBD Topical Hemp Patch
March 15, 2016
1:1 CBD-THC Cannabis Based Patch
April 12, 2016

18:1 CBD:THC Reservoir Patch

Pure Ratios proudly presents the first and only line of patent pending, 96-hour topical reservoir patches. They are naturally pure and additive free

Our Topical Patches are:

  • Hypoallergenic and water-resistant
  • Lab tested
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • No chemical enhancers or adhesive mixed in with reservoir formula
  • Skin tone patch for discrete use
  • 40 mg dosage
  • Round design with no corners to cause patch to peel off
  • Last 3-4 days
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The Pure Ratios Reservoir Patch line was created to deliver manageable, individualized and accurate dosing and relief over a long-term period using medical cannabis to where it is most needed and where it will provide the most relief. Unlike other patches on the market that last only up to 12 hours, our patches keep delivering medicine for up to 96 hours! And they cost about the same. Our flagship patch is the Pure Ratios CBD topical reservoir patch, which maximizes delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) which is the ideal solution for patients wanting the benefits of cannabinoids without the smoked or ingested euphoric “high” of marijuana. We offer a Hemp based version which the CBD is derived from Hemp plants and a Cannabis version which the CBD is derived from Cannabis plants. Each Pure Ratios Topical Reservoir Patch is 2 inches in diameter and is easy to apply anywhere on the body.  It adheres best to clean, dry skin, so we thoughtfully included an alcohol swab with the package! The majority of patients find the best results when applying to areas with minimal hair, so you can put it where you need it most, on your sore knee, shoulder, arm or back. When applying near a joint, please place the patch above or below the flexion area.  Our patch’s round design is snag proof and stays put until you take it off. The patches are DMSO free, with no solvents, no chemicals – just medicine delivered where it is needed. Our topical patches are also available in additional formulations using the reservoir system to deliver different combinations of CBD and THC to meet your individual needs. Patients will be able to choose the dosing of their cannabis medicine as prescribed by their physician. Contact us for more information or to learn where you may find a Pure Ratios Reservoir Patch near you.

38mg CBD 2mg THC Patch from Cannabis Oil