Vape Pen & Charger
April 13, 2016
CBD Lip Balm
April 18, 2016

Vape Pen with Button & Charger

  • On/off button
  • High airflow designs gives a larger vape
  • Matte black or chrome

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Pure Ratios Vape Pen Batteries with Button are discreet, lightweight, and long lasting. They are the perfect complement to our vape cartridges, with a high airflow design to deliver larger vape. Innovative protective circuitry prevents overcharging that can lead to battery burnout.

Directions: Gently thread cartridge onto pen. Turn on/off by pressing button 5 times in a row. Hold down button while drawing. Pen automatically stops after 7 seconds to avoid overheating. For best results, allow pen to cool down between draws. Please do not overtighten cartridge onto pen, as it may damage the post.

Includes rapid USB charger. Voltage: 3.9V.