The Beginning

The spirit of Pure Ratios finds its roots in holistic research. Chad Conner, CEO, and lead formulator Hind Conner were both drawn to holistic approaches, leading them to earn Master's degrees in the field of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chad and Hind have several decades of experience as Chinese herbalists, acupuncturists and practitioners of Cannabis Medicine.  After opening a multidisciplinary center in California, they moved to North Africa where they practiced alongside a team of professionals from different disciplines. They founded the first Chinese Medicine Training Institute in Casablanca, Morocco, creating a 4-year training program for acupuncturists. In 2015 they returned to California to start developing products through combining natural medicine with science.


Who are Pure Ratios?

Pure Ratios is a team of like-minded practitioners, scientists, and industry professionals, working together to find the answers to several questions:

  1. How can we integrate the cannabis plant into both clinical practice and in our products, in a way that is informed by both science and traditional Holistic Medicine?
  2. How can we preserve the integrity of therapeutics by keeping it “whole,” with its included cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids?
  3. How can we administer our products in a way that potentializes its absorption and delivery method?
  4. How can we personalize cannabis from a holistic view to make it more relevant for each individual?

These questions are essential to unfolding the true nature of this incredibly potent plant. Pure Ratios is dedicated to finding this truth by combining ancient and modern approaches to Cannabis Medicine. The exploration and inquiry about the cannabis plant is ongoing and dynamic, as information on cannabis is changing at a fast pace.


Modern Science and Research Meets Holistic Medicine

Looking back into the use of cannabis over the last 5000 years in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, the herbalists of the past had no laboratory tests to understand the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and dosage. The cannabis plant is so genetically diverse, ancient herbalists were unable to standardize prescriptions for reproducible results. Today we combine modern science, research and laboratory testing with ancient knowledge to develop safe and therapeutic products. This is Pure Ratios!


Innovative Technology & Mode of Delivery

Pure Ratios’ advanced technology allows for proper absorption and delivery, critical for dosing of the powerful cannabis plant. Controlling the dosage delivery is essential for patients to reach their “sweet spot” of balance, which is the function of our own endocannabinoid system.

Our team has created multiple modes of delivery to assist patients’ needs in every way. Patients will find all modes of consumption available from our popular patches, salves, vapes, and roll-ons, as well as lozenges, lip balms, and herbal infused capsules. Each mode has a personalized purpose to help our patients for their specific conditions. The proprietary technology of our time-release topical patch, for example, relieves pain for up to 96 hours.

Pure Ratios provides different levels of ratios in their product lines, to help all measurements of discomfort.

Pure Ratios. Pure Relief.